Thermo King, Inc. provides a full complement of skilled factory-trained technicians and a complete inventory of genuine Thermo King replacement parts.

Our customers know that no matter where they travel, over the land, across the oceans, an authorized Thermo King Representative is standing by to meet their needs.

Thermo King service means satisfaction guaranteed for our customers and it’s why we are the world leader in transport refrigeration.

Service Division

We specialize in Installation, Repair, and Maintenance of:

  • Truck and Trailer Transport Refrigeration
  • Eutectic Refrigeration System
  • Bus Air Conditioning
  • Rail Air Conditioning
  • Container Refrigeration
  • Cold Storage

Preventive Maintenance Service

A key to having your Thermo King units to be on the road at all times, ensuring it will work like it should, and to reduce any possible down time, is a cost-effective way to maintain them through a thorough Preventive Maintenance Service.

Our PM service reassures our customers of total quality control by providing correct practice to carry out the program that cuts down maintenance and repair cost, and increases component life and fuel savings.

The Thermo King Service Division offers the level of quality service by our trained and certified Thermo King Technicians.

Repair and Maintenance

All service requirements, major or minor, are handled with very important reasons:

  • Thermo King is equipped with the factory recommended tools to perform all service functions.
  • Thermo King has factory trained and certified technicians to support service nationwide.
  • Thermo King is stocked with genuine Thermo King replacement parts nationwide.
  • The warranty of the unit is only valid when the repair and/or replacement of component parts is performed by Thermo King Technicians.
  • Training for customer driver in all aspects of unit operation.


Due to its complexity of installing refrigeration units from Trucks and Trailer to Bus Air Conditioning, our knowledgeable, only our factory trained technicians are capable of performing and meeting the requirements to carrying out installation as prescribed by standard.